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TuneUp360 Review - Is It Safe? Can It Fix Your PC? -> 2013 Update


Dave L .Kapel, PC Expert | January, 2013



TuneUp360 is a PC software that was developed

for pc home users that experience different types

of problems such as - slow pc, freezing errors and

crash. The software search and detect Windows problems and fix them automatically.

Is TuneUp360 safe? Can it speed up your pc?

Read the following TuneUp360 Review and learn

how effective this application is.


I recommend you NOT to use an illegal version

of this software it will damage your PC!


Yours Truly, Dave.




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TuneUp360 Reviews - 2013 Update

Every pc home user around the world face from time to time different types of difficulties loading and

running his computer. These problems can be a long Windows loading time, takes too long to open folders

and files, the computer freeze with no respond or even crash without any notice or warning. The source of

these type of problems are hidden windows errors you can easily track and fix. The purpose of the TuneUp

360 application is to automatically fix these problems with a click of a button. The software uses an updated

error knowledge database to run a full diagnostics process in order to make sure all problems are located.






Tune Up 360 - How Does It Work?

By reviewing the tuneup360.com we have learned about the following top three features:


> PC Information Checking
The first feature is about checking and presetting your specific pc hardware information such as your

CPU model, size of hard disks and memory, network model and more.


> PC Performance & Stability Checking
The check will examine your system performance and network setting by reviewing the following - Windows

boot time, junk files, registry redundancy, free memory status, registry errors and more.


> PC Security Checking and Fixing
This feature is one of the most important one in this process since it examines the problems and threats

which are related to your computer security - windows automatic updates, windows firewall, system activity traces, application activity traces and more.


Other features are the redundancy cleaner, privacy protector, trace, shortcut and junk file cleaner, unstable issues remover, application & start up manager and the system & network optimizer. The bottom line is that

this All-in-one solution pc suit should speed up and boost your PC in a matter for minutes. After fixing missing

DLL's, registry errors and critical disk errors any user should feel the difference and experience much better

performance and results.


Installation the TuneUp360 Application

To download and install the free version Of TuneUp360 we have downloaded the TuneUp360_Setpup.exe.

The installation process was quite fast and smooth without any problems. At that point we have initiate

the first free scan without the need of the tuneup 360 activation key. This scan took several minutes (the

scanning time very much depends on the pc configuration, age and his condition). At the end of this scan

we got a detailed report which describes the problems and errors or pc was facing. It seems that this scan

was quite good and the scanning results seems to cover many problematic elements in our computer.


* We also found one the web a version of TuneUp360 Crack but of course we must warn users not to down

load this version and use it. Today there are many ways to track down users of illegal software's and the

penalty just not worth it. 


Using the full version of the TuneUp 360 was a nice experience. The user interface is very friendly and

easy-to-use. We have used an old laptop which was quite old to face this application a true challenge.

After a scan of several minutes we got a full report on the problems that were found and then we were
asked if we want to fix them. We have initiated the fixing process and indeed, at the end, after a restart

of our computer, the results were great. There was a big difference after using the software compared

to before.


TuneUp360 Users Review - Good or Not?

We have decided to search the web for some users reviews so we could have a wider range of opinions.

All of the users were happy with the results! some were not happy about the scanning, analyzing and fixing

time however we feel that as long as the time is longer it means the software is doing a better job...

Users that wanted to speed up their computer found the results satisfying. Scanning and fixing your

computer seems to become more and more easy compared to only several years ago. Is tuneup 360 safe

to use? Well, after 3,500,000 users around the world have downloaded this application and we have

found no evidence to any tuneup360 scam or complaints, we think that this solution answer the need

of speeding up and fixing regular and normal home computers from any kind.


Updates & Tips:

> The best-coupons-reviews team will continue to follow the tuneup360 pc repair program and will update

the review section. From time to time our team will test this pc speed up solution to make sure it can

cope with the latest bugs, errors, spyware and the other challenges pc users face around the world.

Users can always share their thoughts and experience in the Forum section about any registry cleaner

program including tuneup360. 


> After reading the above review of tuneup360 application, you can read some home users reviews on

our own personal users forum that host pc users from around the world. These private users share their

experience using different types of pc optimization tools and pc boosters that available online. Most of

these programs offer a free trail or a free scan to expose their capabilities in deleting and removing

bad files and fixing OS of personal computers. You are invited to our pc speed up users forum to post

your own experience using any pc fixer program.


> Since January 2012 we saw that more users were happy from tuneup360 for fixing different types of

pc errors such as .dll errors, blue screen of death (BSOD) & registry errors. According to recent studies,

pc users around the world are exposed to more and more threats over time. The number of attempts to

hack computers and infect them with viruses is increasing over time. There for, more than ever, home
users need to have an easy-to-use tool which is safe and effective that will be able to deal with these

kind of attacks and the problems they cause.




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