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SpyHunter Review 2014 -> Is SpyHunter Safe? -> My Test Results..


Mark P. Donaldson | March 2014



Spy Hunter software is one of the tools you

might consider having in your computer at home

or at work. This software can detect spyware

and malware and protect you from any outside

attempts to penetrate your personal information.


Since viruses attacks has always been there and

I guess they will always will, I have decided to

check this application and test it on my computer.

Well, here is test results and verdict.


Yours Truly, Mark.



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Virus attacks and malicious threats hamper the efficacy and performance of your computer. It is prudent

to be protected all the time as if your computer is not secure you can lose valuable data and face complete computer crashes. There is a wide array of spyware software available and each of them have their own distinguishing features. However if you are looking for one that works best for you it is wise to check out

the spyware yourself. This is what we have done when it comes to one of the most widely sought after

spyware software products in the market-SpyHunter.


What is SpyHunter?

Spyhunter is an anti-software application made by Enigma Software Group certified by the West Coast

Labs Checkmark Certification System. It has been designed in a unique way to help computer users to

get protection from malicious threats. This software has been configured automatically to provide

computer users optimal protection with minimum interaction. Users need to download and install this

application to get both immediate and ongoing protection.  


How Does It Work?

Spyware claims to provide computer users with an advanced application program to identify spyware and malware easily. For rookits the application uses encrypted and hidden folders and files to avoid their

detection by traditional software. With its immediate rookit scan this program displays a message on

detection and it asks the user to reboot the computer and remove the rookit during this rebooting process.

This program also provides computer users with advanced technology to be a step ahead of the malware

threats of today. This software also provides users with extra customization abilities to ensure that every

user can tailor make the program to suit their individual specific needs.



Does Spyhunter Really Work?

Spyhunter claims to provide computer users with ongoing protection against malware and spyware however

this application gives you no blocking capabilities and it provides you with just a brief description of the spyware that it detects. The scanning speed is very slow and in case the system has been heavily infected

the device can freeze.



This program can be used to remove spyware and malware and although you get a free download version

of the application if there is a virus or a spyware detected with the unregistered version of the application,

the removal is not allowed till you buy the product. The application has been checked and reviewed a number

of times and the major flaws found where in the scan speed, lack of quarantine function and its high price.



This application has limited capabilities and its minimal configurations really make it difficult for us to recommend you to use this application program. This application does not promise you what it claims and

does not live up to user expectations. It is a software application that we suggest you not to use if you are looking for value for your money. This application software is also highly priced and you can get better applications in the market with better scan speeds and features reasonably priced.













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