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Sittercity Reviews 2014 - Overview & Users Ratings!






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Do People Like Sittercity and Why?

Sittercity.com is known as one of the most popular service that helps families to find a caregiver online.

Almost any family childcare related site or forum you visit, you hear about parents speaks about sittercity

and it seems it's used by many parents in USA. Does popular means it's the best? We have checked this

matter and here is what we think...


The Sittercity Website

The first thing we check was the company's website. After all, it's an online service which can offer great

value and solutions to it's members but if it's not user friendly and intuitive than people will find it very

difficult to browse. Their home page (as seen below) gives you a warm welcome presenting a picture

of a happy nanny and a child. The design is minimal and the blue colors gives you a warm feeling. Users

can easily understand what the site is all about and how they can run a free search of a caregiver using

the website nanny and babysitter search engine (using a Zip code). At a first look one thing is missing

and this is some kind of a forum in which parents can discuss and exchange opinions about child caring

topics, share their thoughts and also ask the site's child care specialists relevant questions.





Safety Matters



Sittercity Screening Process - Safety Matters!

Sittercity implements a four step screening process and they provide you nannies for hire after this tough

screening program. The first step that they implement is the internal feedback system. In this system,

parents give their feedbacks about the sitters that they have employed. They talk and exchange the

information about the different sitters according to their respective qualities and traits. By the help of

these feedbacks, Sittercity sorts out the caregivers from a long list.


The second step is the interview round. An interview of the selected list of caregivers is conducted and

the list is further constrained to limited efficient and well experienced caregivers. The interview process

is quite tough and the caregivers who have pursued special training in nursing are given preference.

You can also find on YouTube recorded interviews by caregivers such as this one:


  Video Interview of a Sittercity Caregiver


The third step that this babysitter finder implements is checking the references. The agency simplifies

the process of checking references by having at least one reference in the profiles of babysitters that

includes an email and a phone number.


The fourth step is the background check. You can perform the background check by clicking on the

respective link on the babysitterís profile. After the background check, you can feel relax and you donít

have to worry because you have made the best choice.


How Else Sittercity Can Help?

Taxes and the payment policies - Sittercity has a partnership with Surepayroll, which manages the

nannyís taxes. Surepayroll can save your time as it pays and files all the nanny tax paperwork for you.

The deposit is instant. The paychecks can be printed at any time you can get all the payroll info 24/7.

Surepayroll makes all the calculations, such as that of tax benefits, paycheck deductions, bonuses

etc. Also, you need certain tax forms. There are different types of forms such as form SS-4, form W-2

and Schedule H. In the form SS-4, you have to include your employee identification number. You can also

apply online through the IRS. You have to fill out the form W-2, if you pay social security and Medicare

wages of 1600\ dollars or more. If you pay nanny cash wages of 1600 dollars or more, then file for the

Schedule H form. As per the reviews of Sittercity, tax credits can also help you in saving your money.

One option is a federal program called the child and dependent care tax credit which can provide you

twenty percent of the childcare costs in the form of a tax credit.


Real Users Reviews

From many Sittercity.com reviews and ratings we found on the internet, the fact has been clear that

these online sitters agencies are a good source for finding babysitters and nannies. These online baby

sitting employment agencies are very much helpful in providing well experienced and efficient nannies

to the people in need. However, we browsed some forums where parents discussed their service quality

and problems they had. Here is an example of a good review:


"I used sittercity to find a babysitter for my two children age 4 & 9. In the past I had to ask for other

parent's help to recommend me on a good babysitter they know of. Some of them couldn't help me and

some just didn't want to give away their babysitter! I felt I need a service that couldn't limit me with

the number of babysitters and what they can offer. Sittercity.com was there for me! easy as it sounds

I just found a baby sitter in less than a day!"


Camilla B. yahoo message board


On the other hand we found some un happy users that claimed sittercity is a scam. They were not happy

with the service and the final results. Here is a complains we found on Facebook:


"At first sittercity seems to be like the right place for me. I posted a nanny job and waited... nothing

happened, not even one family approached me to offer me job. I feel sittercity is a scam! Other sitters

got many requests in just a day and I got nothing!"


Amanda, Facebook


We found several similar claims of sitters who didn't find a babysitting job using the service. In most

of them we realized that their resume was poor and with mot much details and a picture. On several

occasion a sittercity representative approached them and offered help in re-writing their caregiver

profile. Nice...




More Information About Sittercity Services & Solutions:


Pet Sitting

> From the beginning of 2012 sittercity.com has decided to further support new families that are looking for

great pet sitting services, after school baby sitters, newborn nannies, tours of many kinds like professional

language tutors that can help young children to improve their abilities. One of the ways to encourage these

families was to reduce their cost for the site's membership fee and there for a new sitter city coupon code

was created that provides a 25% discount for new members.


Company Updates, Facts & Figures

> If you would like to learn more about the history of sittercity.com you can reviews the following review

of Wikipedia about sittercity project. In this review you will be able to understand how the need for such

an online service was created, how it was developed over the years and how it became a leading site

for families looking for babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, tutors, elderly caregivers, house keepers and



> Some facts on sittercity.com - the website was establish in 2001 in Boston by Genevieve Thiers & since

they more than 2,000,000 caregivers posted their profile seeking for a care job for babies, pets, elderly,

children and more. Every 10 minutes the site get 5 new posts of care givers looking for a position as a

mother helper or a child provider. Over the years the site won several awards when the most significant

was the "fastest growing business" which reflects the huge success this type of service get. Looking

forward, sitte rcity is investing more time and efforts to provide the most advanced and updated online

tools so families will be able to find fast the caregivers they are looking for in their city.


> Sittercity has raised more than 22M$ in 2011 to further develop the solution it provides to find sitters, screen, interview, check their background and to better understand how to hire the right candidate for

the job. There for, the main focus of sitter city will be to offer only trusted and reliable caregivers to

local families from all of the large and small cities in USA.


> One of the interesting reviews on sittercity were done by TV shows. For example, on the 'Today Show'

Sitter city was mentioned as one of the fattest online services for finding a babysitter. On the Time

magazine, Sittercity was defined as one of the coolest websites that provide true value for the members.

On the websites parents.com, sittercity was recommended as one of the best possible options to find

a baby sitter - fast! All in all, Sittercity provides a unique solution for caregivers match. This matching

service is easy-to-use and in affordable rates.


Tops Caregiver's of Sittercity.com

> One of the most popular nannies at sittercity is Ema, 27 years old, who has been working as a nanny

in the past 5 years. She lives in Arizona and willing to take care of infants and children during the day

and also during the night. Ema is also a weekend babysitter that can watch over your children any time,

any day. She has more than 5 reviews of other sittercity members and she seems to be one of the best

caregiver people can find.


> More nannies and babysitters joined sittercity in the month of April, 2012. Take for example Kate,

from Sacramento that offer her services as a night sitter. She is 35 years old and a mother of two kids.

If you are having long nights and can't really make it through the night, Kate will be there for you. She

will charge 15$ per hour for her night babysitting services. Find her on Sittercity.com site.





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