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WiseFixer Reviews - Is WiseFixer Safe? 2014 Update!


Dave L .Kapel, PC Expert | March 2014





WiseFixer is a solution that helps user fixing up computer errors, speed up issues the general performance of the PC and internet and protect your internet security and privacy. It uses detection algorithm that will identify missing

and invalid references in your Windows registry.


Is WiseFixer Safe? Read this WiseFIxer Review to

learn more about this application and find out if it

can really fix your computer or it's just a scam.

Don't use any crack versions of WiseFixer!

they are Trojan horses that will access your PC

and steal you personal information!


Yours Truly, Dave.




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WiseFixer Reviews - 2014 Update

Is WiseFixer safe? Is WiseFixer a scam..? This application is product of the Foxth Software Co., Ltd. Their

slogan is - "User First, Product Excellent, Brave in Innovation and Never Stop Improving". The company goal

is to deliver a fast and efficient solution that run a deep scan of home users personal computers in order to

find and fix computer errors - missing drivers, bad system files and other system problems and errors with

a goal of speeding up the PC and bring the performance into the best possible level. The software scan the

entire Windows registry and provide a list of errors which can be fixed in a click of a button.





How Does It Work? Is WiseFixer Safe?

From the www.WiseFixer website you can easily download this application for free and run a free system

scan. Before using this software it's important to understand what it can do and also can't do:


System Fix

(1) Scan, diagnose and fix your operating system.

(2) Fixing different types of system errors; Protect against computer crashes.

(3) Re-registering keys for ActiveX and .Dll objects that can cause many problems.

(4) Delete the broken shortcuts from your computer.

(5) File Association from variety files to your PC applications.


Scan Clear

(1) Scan and detect invalid or missing registry entries, rapidly identify any critical Windows errors.

(2) Registry Cleaner: One of the most powerful feature that clean and fix registry errors!

(3) Erasing files and clean your Internet traces such as Cache, Cookies and Browser's history.


System Optimize

(1) Ability of choosing which item to be shown on your personal menu.

(2) Optimizing your service, such as your PC Internet browser, remote registry and more.

(3) Display the items you wish to start with any time you turn on your computer.


Internet Explorer

(1) Fixing built-in utilities to make sure you have an improved and healthier environment of your browser.

(2) BHO (Browser Helper Object) - an add-in program for your Internet Explorer which can automatically

load all BHOs in your computer and fix or delete the bad ones that can harm your computer.

(3) Ability to recover Internet Explorer to the normal state.


All of the WiseFixer capabilities above upgrade your system stability and boost your PC performance.

The goal is to have a tool that can provide a solution to any problem, any time. This way you can rest

assure that no matter where you are, you will always get first aid your computer needs in a click of a button.


WiseFixer Review - Installation, Scanning and Purchasing

At the WiseFixer home page we had the possibility to click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button to start the

installation process. The size of the WiseFixer.exe file was less then 4MB and the download time was just

a matter of several seconds. Installation time was less then 10 seconds and just after we manage to

complete the process the WiseFixer lunched the first system scan which was quit fast. The scan took less

then five minutes and the results were amazing (we used a relatively old laptop) - the software found 187

Registry errors, 10,814 Evidence, 22 junk files and 1 file association error! It seems that out laptop was not

in a good shape :-)


In order to fix the problem we had to purchase the software in a price of 48.97$ (which is 50% discount

since we used a WiseFixer promo code, same as WiseFixer coupon code). Once we registered we got a

WiseFixer serial which is actually an wise fixer license key which turns the software into active mode.


Users Reviews - What Do They Think?

While searching for other WiseFixer reviews we found that most of them were positive about the software

user interface and the easiness to install and use this solution. Some of the users of Wise Fixer thought

that the price for the software is a little bit to high while others said that in order to achieve the best

possible solution there is a need to use a good and professional registry fixer and not an amateur one.


We also learned that this registry cleaner solution is quit popular among many home users and we found

no evidence that WiseFixer is a scam. On the contrary, many users indeed experienced a faster PC after

using this registry cleaner application. These users reported working with different types of OS such as

Windows® XP 32-bit, Windows Vista® 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating




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