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Is Reimage Safe? 2014 Reimage.com Repair Tool Reviews!


Dave L .Kapel, PC Expert | March 2014




Reimage is a nice application that scan, detect and fix personal computers by removing and replacing damaged files that were found during the scan.

The goal is to accelerate the PC's performance,

stability and security in a matter of only a few minutes.


Is Reimage Safe? Read this Reimage.com Review

to learn more about this popular application.


Yours Truly, Dave.




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Reimage.com Review

Is Reimage safe? What is Reimage repair tool? This utility is a product of the Reimage company which is an online Windows repair tool that scans, detects, fixes & repairs the Windows operating system. The Company

was established back in 2007 as an application that detect and remove viruses and different types of malware

and also scan PC's and fix errors. The goal was to provide an easy-to-use registry cleaner solution that can fix

and accelerate any pc, any time. Since then over then 2,000,000 users has downloaded this software and successfully fixed their personal computers with a click...





How Does It Work? Is Reimage Safe?

From the www.Reimage website you can easily download this application for free. Before using this software

it's important to understand what it can do:

  • Faulty Operating System components
  • System crashes & freezes
  • Blue screens (software related)
  • Pop-Up Error Messages
  • Registry inconsistencies
  • DLL system files
  • Malicious malware/spyware
  • Damage caused by malicious programs
  • Problems with Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center
  • Problems with Windows Live Messenger (in most cases)

It's also important to know that it will not fix problems with Microsoft office applications, Skype, ICQ,

iTunes and more.


The download file was a little bit more then 255k and the total download time was less then 10 seconds

(normal and average internet speed). Just few seconds after the download process has been completed

the Reimage software started scanning our PC in order to create an accurate PC profile. The following

issues were tested - system information -(CPU, mainboard, memory, local drivers, temperature and video

cards), stability issues, security threats and Windows damage severity. At the end of the report we got a

PC scan summary with the bottom line. The whole scan took about two minutes and it seems not to affect

the PC performance.


At this point we pressed the "START REPAIR" button and immediately were transferred to start the software

purchasing process at the reimage.com website for a one year license key. The cost of a yearly license key

key is about 60$. before purchasing it's highly recommended to check for an updated Reimage coupon code

that can save you part of this amount.


The Reimage system repair package includes:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

  • Repair Virus Damage

  • Repair Windows Stability Issues

  • Repair Applications Stability Issues

  • Download New, Healthy Files

  • Operating System Restoration

  • Optimize Windows Registry

  • Free Hardware Analysis

  • Free PC Scan and Assessment

  • Free Latest Version Upgrades

Is Reimage Safe? Checking Reimage.com Repair Reviews

In order to examine this issue we have reviewed several Reimage reviews that we found at different forums

and blogs. This is the best way to learn what does users think about this registry cleaner solution and to

know if it's safe to use.


The first review we found was quit positive about this product. The users found it easy-to-use. The loading

and scanning process was simple and the diagnostics process starts automatically. The users found that the

most of the scanning results were simple to understand while some of them were to complicated. Over all,

after using this solution the majority of the users reported a faster PC with much less problems then before.


The second Reimage review we found was also positive about it however it was depend on each PC condition

that was tested. More updated PC's performed better then older PC's and it seems that running the free

Reimage scan is a must before purchasing the software. This scan can provide enough information about

the PC situation and the chances that it can fix system errors and problems and actually accelerate the PC



Other re image pc repair reviews were the same. The product seems to be very popular among many users around the world. The bottom line is simple - before purchasing you need to run a free PC scan to better understand your current PC situation and what needed to be fixed. If you are about to purchase this solution

you should check out their latest Reimage coupon code that can save you 15$ from the total price. If you want

to fix your pc then Reimage will do the job well.









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