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FixCleaner Scam - Is FixCleaner Safe? -> 2014 Review!


Dave L .Kapel, PC Expert | March 2014



FixCleaner is a computer application designed

to safely detect and remove errors and boost the performance of your personal computer. FixCleaner combines the vital tools you need to regain lost PC stability, remove data clutter & boost startup speed.


What is FixCleaner? Is FixCleaner Safe? Scam

is when you use an illegal version of this utility.

Don't use any crack versions of FixCleaner!

they are Trojan horses that will access your PC

and steal you personal information!


Yours Truly, Dave.




Here is My FixCleaner Download Link:


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About FixCleaner Utility 2014

What is Fix Cleaner? This utility is a product of the SlimWare Utilities which is an American technology

group which develops trusted and easy-to-use PC software to the everyday computer users. The company's

goal is to provide powerful but cost effective PC maintenance tools that will offer each and every user a

fast way to recover computers to the best possible performance. The company's flagship product is the

FixCleaner application which is a Windows based utility for different Windows operating systems -

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista & also Windows 98.






How Does It Work? Is FixCleaner Safe?

From the www.FixCleaner website you can easily download a trail version for 30 days which includes the

following options and capabilities:

  • System Error Fixer - fixing fonts, excess Startup Items, files Associations & system Services.

  • Junk File Remover - Remove junk logs and histories that take up hard-drive space.

  • Privacy Protecter - Wipe personally identifying information to keep your identity safe.

  • Speed Optimizer - Disable unnecessary functions to boost PC speed.

  • Re-Register Good ActiveX - Eliminate browser errors by re-setting Active X registrations.

  • Block Bad ActiveX - Block the browser objects that are known to be harmful.

  • Smart Disk Defrag - Boost PC speed and memory by defragmenting your hard-drive.

  • Startup Program Manager - Increase startup speed by controlling which programs load on bootup.

  • Uninstall Manger - Regain disk space by easily removing unwanted applications.

  • BHO Manager - Take control of your browser plug-ins for better web surfing.

  • IE Restore - Return Internet Explorer to peak performance by restoring default settings.

  • PC Error Repair - Prevent PC instability by fixing system errors with one click.

  • Internet Optimizer - Optimize complicated TCP/IP Web settings quickly and easily.

  • Microsoft Updates - Get the latest updates for drivers, security and software.

  • Memory Tweak - Boost virtual memory for better computing performance.

  • Live Driver Updates - Get the latest updates for your hardware drivers with no hassle.

The download file was a little bit more then 4MB and the total download time was less then 10 seconds

(normal and average internet speed). Was have installed the last version - FixCleaner 2.0, less then

one minute. Easy and Simple. At the end of the installation process the application was automatically

launched. The application GUI is user friendly and seems to be very easy to operate. Once we launched

the application it was suggested to run the first scan to search for errors. There are six main modules

the application is using  (1) System cleaner - fix system and clean system registry (2) Junk Cleaner -

clean unwanted files and recover disk space (3) Privacy cleaner - erase activity history and surfing traces

(4) ActiveX cleaner - block unwanted ActiveX controls (5) PC optimizer - teak the pc for maximum

performance (6) Software updater - keep the pc updated with the latest software.


After a short check (less then two minutes) the application presented full errors report. By using the free

Fix Cleaner version the user can fix limited numbers of errors. In order to fix the full amount of errors

there is a need to purchase the full version. Once purchasing we got a fixcleaner serial number or the

activation key. As promised, using the full version fixed the all the errors that were found.


Is FixCleaner a Scam? Is it Really Safe?

After leaning what is FixCleaner and what it does, we have examined the scamming issue in two different

ways - what we think and what other users think...


Reviewing the FixCleaner.com website clearly shows that it's known and acceptable in the market.

The fact that it's a Microsoft Certified Partner gave us the feeling we are dealing we a reliable company.

After all, Microsoft is not a small and unfamiliar company in the world...The second thing we have noted

is the amount of awards this product has - 5 Star Tucows, filetransit, freedownload1 and more. So from

the first look the FixCleaner utility looks safe and doesn't look like a scam.


The second test was more interesting...more of the FixCleanr reviews was have found were positive

about this products and about the results it can deliver. Users found this application easy-to-use and

cost effective. After all, this product is being used when you need help and now! These users didn't think

this application is a scam and confirmed FixCleaner is safe. The other group of users found the software

less effective as they expected. It seems that some of the problems they raised were more related to

communicating with the company in case or a question or a problem using this application. As it seems,

FixCleaner is quit popular among many pc users and naturally the company is dealing with many questions

related to running this utility. It only seems natural that not all users can be 100% happy with customer

support or with the Fix Cleaner results.


Summary - What is FixCleaner...?

Is FixCleaner safe? Is it a scam? we think the bottom line is simple - this product seems to be widely used

by many users around the world. Most of the FixCleaner reviews we have seen were positive about the

product and about the company behind it. In the company website we found a lot of information and answers

to questions related to the product it self. Moreover, we also found out that the site's Blog is quit active

and includes essential information to different type of problems that may accrue.



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