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Care.com Users Reviews & Complaints - Is It a Scam?







What type of complaints we found on

care.com and are they true? Here are

the results of our small research...


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Care.com Service Review

This review is purely based on the Care.com child care services reviews with a goal to purely emphasizes

on the tips and the tricks that you need to choose the right a babysitter agency from the internet. One of

the most important things that is needed at the grass root level is research. In this case the research is

about the users and members that complain about Care.com services, tools and customer support service.

The goal would be to understand the ground of these claims and the Myth around the "Care.com Scams".



Care.com - Finding a Babysitter


Finding Caregivers Using Care.com

A good research will surely help you in your search for a professional nanny for hire. One of the easiest

ways to start your research is to make phone calls to private nanny directly and talk to them directly.

You can also get the details of the various babysitters for hire in the classifieds of the newspaper. From

there, you can find out about the different services offered by them and sort some of them out according

to your preferences. You can also call the caregiver for an interview. But prior to it, make sure that the caregiver can work according to your timings and schedules.


Another important tip as revealed by many Care.com reviews online is that you should look out for the experienced caregiver. It would be very advantageous for you, if the caregiver had worked for any reputed agency in the past. You donít have to worry so much because the agencies have a tough screening process before hiring any caregiver. The screening process of the agencies includes criminal background checks and social security verifications. You can also opt for the caregivers who have taken prior training during your babysitter search. The sitters who have taken training have several advantages over the normal babysitters. When you finally decide to hire a babysitter, always ask them for their picture identification, their proof of residency etc to verify that the person is a trustworthy one.


The goal of child care websites like care.com is to successfully match between caregivers and families

looking for a mother helper, elder care, newborn nanny or just a baby sitter. The different reviews of

care.com state the fact that you can also avail the benefits of care exchange by becoming a registered

member of the site. After you become a member, you can contact the parents who are also interested in exchanging child care and pet care. This exchange service is proving very beneficial for the parents who

are busy with their work schedules. The parents who have day jobs can care for the child of parents who

have a night job and parents who have the reverse work schedules can take care of the children in the

day time.


So, Is There a Care.com Scam?

To examine this claim we started to look for some users reviews, rating and complaints about care.com.

Our first stop was the care.com website that dedicated a full article about how criminals targeting care

providers for money laundering when the technique is over paying and trying to claim the money back.

Care.com presented several scams examples and explained how to avoid them.


The second stop was compliant boards where real users where sharing their experience. Most of them

Complain about care.com customer support dealing with account set up, charging, slow respond and

so on. Most of the claims looks normal and seems to fit the issues and problem any large company



So, overall care.com myth about scamming was related to the above scenarios. Care.com is a legit site

with more than one million visitors a day and with millions of America caregivers and families happy

after they found each other. We also tested their nanny finder service ourselves to find a nanny in

Arizona and we were able to find one... no scam here.


So, after reading more care.com scams reviews we didn't find a evidence that will back up this claim.

This babysitting website is legit and seems to be a very popular site. There were some service issues

claims by some parents which needed to be resolved by there was no scam here. Care.com representative

were always there to offer their help.


Our Conclusion - Care.com is Not a Scam!




Care.com Home Page

How to Avoid Scams Guide



More about care.com:


> When you find a babysitter for free you will find you get rates and availability information of the nanny.

The resources on the website ensure that you get the help you need. There are also emergency babysitter services where you just need to call the agency and have the proper babysitter arriving at your doorstep at

short notice. In this manner, you will be able to find a baby sitter of your choice without the need of running from pillar to post to find one. The search is simple and caters to your urgent needs with success!


> care.com is attracting different types of caregiver to offer their services as live in nannies, last minute

sitters, weekend caretakers, special needs sitting services, eldercare sitters and more. One of the latest

members that join care.com is Mila, 37 years old, originally from Russia. She speaks English, Russian and

also French. She is willing to work as a live in nanny or a full time babysitter in the Chicago north area.

Find Mila on care.com -> nannies - Chicago nannies and contact her today.


> Reputed sites like care.com ensure that your concerns are put to rest, and they not only provide you

information on nanny salary and availability, but they ensure you are advised on child care and protected

all the time. So, if you are looking for trusted nanny services and advice join care.com and ensure the

safety of your child even after receiving an attractive discount with the care.com promo code.


> In the past several weeks more and more summer nannies are uploading their resume looking for a job

as a caregiver for the summer. If you are a person who loves planning your summer activities and you

think you will need someone to help you during July or August than now would be a good time to contact

the top summer nannies and summer babysitters and discuss your possibilities including the needed budget.


> While searching for complains on care.com we came across cases in which babysitters got a mail scam

which informs then about a one person need for a babysitter in and outside USA. After sitters discuss the

babysitting rates, this person sends then a payment for the first period which includes additional fee for

other future expenses which are related to the babysitting job. The sitter is now requested to deposit

the check including the extra payment but then to withdrew this extra payment in cash. From that point

this anonymous person will try to get his hands on the money using a third person in this scam when in

the mean while the check will bounce back in just couple of days...



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